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Fancy Boy Christening Gown "Roosevelt"


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A fancy baby boy's christening gown that can also be used for a girl, if you want a simple design for a family gown. This 27" Feltman Brothers gown features a simple collar with spoking around it, a straight hem and small vertical tucks on the breast with two larger pleats running parallel to the buttons and all the way down the skirt. The pleats have spoking and a row of embroidered dots in the center. A white on white embroidery pattern adorns the bottom center of the skirt. Includes a matching cap, and slip. Made of dainty "hanky" fabric (65/35 polycotton). HINT: If you use this as a "family gown" make sure someone embroiders the name and date of each child's christening to make this a treasured heirloom.
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